Friday, April 13, 2012


I’m starting to slack on this whole blogging thing – Sorry! I think I’ll make it next week’s goal to blog TWICE that week ;-)

April 2 – Create and stick to STRICT workout schedule (wedding is in 4 weeks! Yay!)
April 9 – Track nutrition & fitness (using SparkPeople) and create wedding To-Do List
April 16 – Blog TWICE this week and work on wedding To-Do list

So, last week I printed out a monthly calendar and wrote in things I knew were coming up. I tried to place as many workouts (home, gym and dance) in as possible without becoming overwhelmed. So far, so good. Have I stuck 100% to the calendar, NO. Have I managed to still fit in as many workouts as I wanted to, YES! For example, this week – I had planned to workout Wednesday after work but we ended up meeting up with Matt’s sister. SO, instead, I got a workout (in addition to dance class) in on Thursday. I always forget how GOOD I feel when I work out regularly!

I started using SparkPeople again to track my food and fitness. So far so good. My only problem – I pack a TON of food in the morning and still end up with a much lower than I want calorie range. For instance, today I packed breakfast, lunch, snack AND dinner, but I’m 300 calories shy of where I should be. So, with that in mind, I’ll be adding something in! I’m looking to lose weight, not starve myself! (I’m thinking a Dunkin Donuts Veggie Egg white Flatbread – Delicious!)

Next week – Blog and wedding. Life will go something like – work, eat, wedding stuff, sleep and repeat (with a few other things thrown in there like my soon-to-be nieces first birthday, working out, and dance). :-)

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  1. Being an adult and trying to manage a blog isn't all that easy. I can't imagine trying to plan a wedding as well.