Saturday, January 2, 2010

Balancing the Eats

The holidays are a really tough time to maintain healthy eating habits. Somehow, my fridge/counter has not had any fresh fruits or veggies in/on it in weeks. Tomorrow, that changes. Tomorrow Matt and I are going to do a big grocery shopping trip.

So, how do I intend to balance my DEEP love of chocolate and desserts with my need for nutrients and fresh foods?

I could never eat a diet (I use the term diet not as in dieting to lose weight, but diet as in the foods I ingest) void of sweets. I can, however, do my best to limit my sweets. We have SO much chocolate in the house right now. I’m trying to limit my intake to a few pieces/one dessert a day.

I love fruits and veggies. It should be easy enough to eat them. I ENJOY a good fresh salad. Perhaps once we have these things in the house I can get back in the habit of eating them regularly.

So, the plan? Buy tons of fresh fruits and veggies and be SURE to eat those veggies/fruits every day. My body needs these things. I want to feed my body what it needs!

What does your body need? How do you insure you fulfill that need?

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