Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I received the most awesome box of goodies yesterday! I can’t wait to try it all (I had a Blueberry Raw Crunch bar this morning) and post the great pictures.

Thanks Nikes and Ponytails!


  1. I love getting goodies in the mail!! I am in Chicagoland, I saw your comment on Amanda's blog - I actually walked outside today - it was about 36 degrees and we actually took our jackets off half way through because we were warm!

    Still can't wait for spring though and all this damn snow to melt! I did the C5K program and I was able to finish it without stopping! :D

  2. I love getting surprises in the mail too! So much fun!

    As for Couch to 5k, they have some fantastic podcasts out there and they have helped me out so much!

  3. Yeah!!! I am glad you liked it. I tried to do some of my favorite things and some new things too. Cant wait to see more about what you think!