Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Insane heat = no progress

No pictures. No real progress.

I needed to pull weeds. I bought a pair of gardening gloves (which at $5 I think I’ll return and see if I can’t snag a pair at the $1 store!), but it was just too dang hot to do any sort of anything outside.

I did make a delicious taco/fajita meal for dinner yesterday that then became a burrito bowl mess for lunch today. Which, by the way, I ate 2 hours ago and am still FULL.

So, goal for this week is to find media shelves for our mess of a “second bedroom.” We’ve lived there a year and it’s still just all the crap I don’t have room for thrown in boxes piled in there. Eventually the goal is to make that room our media room (as well as my clothing and dance stuff). So, we need storage and a lamp. Maybe, if we can find shelves we both like, I can have that room completed by this time next week. That’d be amazing and would make me feel incredibly accomplished.

In the meantime, I should probably get around to pulling those weeds… As soon as it isn’t sweltering outside!

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