Monday, August 9, 2010

Party = Clean

So, I had a jewelry party at my house yesterday. Not too many people came, but a few did and it was a good time.

Why did I have a party?
Is it because I love jewelry so much? Not really… I mean, I like it, but I don’t wear it all that often.
Is it because I love Ang (the consultant) so much? Partially… I like to help my friends out when I can.
Main reason… I needed a reason to HAVE to deep clean the main floor of the house.

And that I did!
Dusted everything, moved all the furniture and vacuumed really well, vacuumed the stairs, swept, mopped, scrubbed the bathroom floor on my hands and knee (just the one, though)… Deep clean city! It looked and smelled AH-MAZING!

I also (finally) pulled some of the weeds from our flower bed. Also trimmed down the bushes a little so you can get up our walk way without being attacked by a plant. One day, I’d like to clean the whole thing out and make it super beautiful and presentable. Eventually…

Next project… Well, that depends on if we ever find (I’m starting to think it’s best to just have one built!) DVD shelving we like. Ideally, next project is organizing the “media” (all our junk) room. I also want to clean out and re-organize the pantry. That one seems like it’d be much easier to get done.

Only time will tell!

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