Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obviously, I'm not good at this

So, obviously I’m not very good about updating a blog. I’ll try to be better, but that’s all I can promise.

What’s going on in the life of Rachel?

Well, I got engaged on Dec. 24th! So, in addition to the things I was trying to (or in some cases just wanting to) balance before – work, dance, getting in better shape, eating better, turning my house into a home – I’m also working on planning a wedding!

It’s actually really exciting.

Anyway, the plan is to do a better job of posting here. It will continue to be a mish-mash of things I’ve done, ideas I have, and things I’m trying to motivate myself to do.

Current projects include:
Trying to get a set habit of flossing every night (not exciting, at all)
Determining a location for our ceremony/reception (we want to do a one location wedding)
All things wedding – mostly looking for inspirations right now (we have determined the colors – black and red (silver accents, I think)
Trying to move more (this includes taking a weekly Zumba class and yoga)
Attempting to re-do the upstairs bathroom (just yesterday we had a new toilet put in, and our shower doors taken down and a curved rod put up. I want to tear all the wallpaper down and paint)


  1. Good choice for the wedding colors. That was one of the only things JJ really stated that he wanted for the wedding, the colors black and red. We accented ours with white though. I think silver will look super awesome. Congrats again. This is an exciting time for you. Enjoy it!

  2. I think we'll end up with black, red, white and silver. lol But, I definitely would rather accent with silver than gold. I originally wanted to go with a teal/turquoise color, but red is Matt's favorite color and I like it so, we're going with that. :-)