Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As Nike would say...

Here’s my plan for blogging: JUST DO IT.  More specifically, I’m going to make sure I post on Mondays from now on.  Might be first thing in the morning, might not be until before I go to bed at night but I WILL post EVERY Monday.

So, here we go…  First Monday blog in a loooong time!

This week: I’m going to the gym!  I went ahead and packed my gym bag this morning so I’m all set to go right after work.  In addition to the gym, I need to get to organizing/cleaning my house a little because we have a friend coming in from out of town next week!

Next week I’ll be focusing on daily goals.  
Monday – write at least 10 thank you notes.  
Tuesday – cook dinner and clean kitchen.  
Wednesday – go to gym and clean bathrooms. 
Thursday – make sure all clothes are put away prior to going to work (friend arrives today!).  
Friday – Friend in town!  Have fun!  
Saturday – Friend in town!  Have fun!  
Sunday – prep for the coming week (pack lunch; pick up house; do laundry; grocery shop; etc.)

Obviously, these aren't the ONLY things I'll be doing on those days, but they are the one thing I want to make SURE happens.

Week of June 25 – Pack lunches at least 3 days.  (I really need to get back on this regularly!)

Wedding update:
For anyone keeping track of my post-wedding to-do’s I’ve officially started the name change process (Social Security office) and hope to do the other major part (Secretary of State/License update) this week.  After that I just have to change my name with work, banks, credit cards, doctors, etc.  If you have any suggestions on anything I might have overlooked, let me know!

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