Monday, June 18, 2012

Changing things up

This weeks goals are: 
Monday – write at least 10 thank you notes.  
Tuesday – cook dinner and clean kitchen.  
Wednesday – go to gym and clean bathrooms. 
Thursday – make sure all clothes are put away prior to going to work (friend arrives today!).  
Friday – Friend in town!  Have fun!  
Saturday – Friend in town!  Have fun!  
Sunday – prep for the coming week (pack lunch; pick up house; do laundry; grocery shop; etc.)

Though, I'm not sure the above will actually work out.  Today we're celebrating Father's Day with the husband's family.  This will put a dent in time available to write said thank you notes.  I'm still going to give it a shot, but I might only get 5 done instead of the 10.  Here's my amendment for the week:
Write 20 Thank You notes over the course of the week
Cook dinner at least one night this week (probably either Tuesday or Wednesday, but maybe not till Saturday or Sunday)
Go to the gym TWICE (I went twice last week! Yay!)
Clean up Kitchen, bathrooms, clean up living/dining room, and clean up spare room (mainly put away clothes) before Thursday when friend arrives (I started a bit of the kitchen cleaning last night)
Pack lunch for Monday on Sunday night.

Basically the same list just opening it up to be moved around various days instead of sticking to the previous order.  Sometimes you just have to move things around.  Life is about balance.  I'm NOT going to miss out on dinner with the family just because I have a to-do list.  I'll figure out another time to get these things done.  If only I didn't need so much sleep...

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