Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Many Ways Can You Say...

"back on the wagon"?

Here’s the thing – I just cannot manage to get into regular posting.  I want to, and then I get lazy.  So, this week’s resolution (even though now the week is half over!) is to figure out a way to get myself to post every week.  Any suggestions?

Next week, I have GOT to get back to the gym.  It’s been over a month since I’ve been and I miss how good I feel when I work out regularly (it’s also been over 2 weeks since I’ve done ANY sort of fitness activity at all – I’m DEFINITELY starting to feel it).

June 4 – Get back in to posting EVERY week on the blog - IE: Stop being so lazy about typing up a few sentences!
June 11 – Get back to the gym!

After that... well, I haven't thought beyond next week.  I'll think about it and hopefully have a definitive answer on Monday on what the June 18th week will look like.  :-)

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