Monday, January 23, 2012

Fitness Week FAIL - Please try again

I failed my "fitness" week. I just did not do what I wanted to. It's okay, though. I can give myself another chance. Part of the joy of doing week to week resolutions is that one bad week doesn't mean my goals are shot!

I didn't "workout" like I meant to. I DID, however, increase my movement (extra walking around work, random push-ups, lunges, crunches that I don't normally do).

This week is all about $$$

Jan 23 – Track spending and try to create a workable budget
Jan 30 – Fitness week attempt number 2! Be more specific on when and what constitutes a “workout”. Workout at least twice (in addition to dance). One workout MUST be at gym. One workout MUST be on Monday.

I've been randomly spending $3 here, $7 there. It adds up! I want to see what it's all adding up to.

I also want to start creating an actual budget. Obviously, it will have to be adjusted as I figure out just how much I need to spend on food/clothes/beauty items/home items/etc. for a month, but I can set aside the basics that I already know.

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