Monday, January 30, 2012

Take Two!

Well, I tracked my spending and started a budget! This feels like something I should continue for at least a full month to get the best sense of where and when I’m spending my money. So, I’m going to try to continue tracking. I feel like I’m in a good starting place for creating and sticking to a solid budget.

Jan 30 – Fitness week attempt number 2! Be more specific on when and what constitutes a “workout”. Workout at least twice (in addition to dance). One workout MUST be at gym. One workout MUST be on Monday.
Feb 6 – Create nightly routine to include taking vitamins daily and nightly yoga/stretching

Trying the working out thing again this week! I’ll be doing a little Zumba (Playstation Move style) tonight when I get home from work. I’ve scheduled it. It’s GOING to happen. The gym workout will happen either Friday (after work) or Sunday afternoon. I shall not fail at this resolution twice!

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