Monday, January 16, 2012

Mission accomplished!

I definitely refocused on wedding planning – dress bought, e-mails sent out, started to work on details. Things are moving right along. Good thing, too, because the wedding is in 103 days!!!

I tracked all my eating for the week. This is good for a few reasons. Tracking automatically equals eating healthier and/or smaller portions. Instead of the fried sampler trio at Applebee’s, I got the Dijon Chicken off the “Under 550 calories” Menu. It was delicious! Instead of eating two or three servings of Christmas chocolate, I only ate one. I’m going to try to continue tracking for the next few weeks, but won’t judge myself if I fall off that bandwagon.

Jan 16 – Workout at least 2 times (in addition to dance classes)
Jan 23 – Track spending and try to create a workable budget

This week is all about fitness. I had planned to get out of bed early this morning and workout, but that just did NOT happen (why does my bed have to be so nice and warm and cozy in the morning?). Still, I have all week to fit in two workouts – I can do it! I’m planning to get one out of the way this evening. I wish I had an iPhone so I could use the GymPact app – I’ve heard about it and I think it’d be super motivating to me.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my butt out of bed in the morning?

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