Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to the Sixth Week of the Year!

Apparently, sticking to a fitness goal is going to be the TOUGHEST thing I do this year. I half succeeded, half failed. I worked out Monday (and went to dance on Thursday and Saturday) but I did not get a gym workout in this past week. I paid for a year membership at the local Planet Fitness and really don’t want to let all my money go to waste. My cousin is back in town now, though, so maybe we can motivate each other to go!

This week is about routine:
Feb 6 – Create nightly routine to include taking vitamins daily and nightly yoga/stretching
Feb 13 – Create and start organization schedule (using calendar pinned on Pinterest as a guide)

I’m aiming to come up with a quick 10-15 minute routine that will help me relax before bed and contribute to my overall health/appearance. Some things I do already every night (floss and brush my teeth, wash my face, take out my contacts), but there are other things I’d like to include (drinking a glass of water before bed, taking a daily vitamin, stretching/yoga). I’m hoping if I find just the right order for these events and can compact them into a 10-15 minute routine, eventually they will be second nature and I’ll do them no matter how tired I am!

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